Now and in the future, there is no doubt that blockchain will become a world trend

Sun Pro and BitTorrent have issued 100 million SUN Coins, built a decentralized (DeFi) exchange, and vowed to build the next Ethereum!

Participants can choose to hold SUN Coin or exchange SUN Coin to USDT, to get in return.

Lock-up · Mining coins · Arbitrage · Withdrawal

Fair remuneration

Convert idle asset to passive income

Harvest SUN Coin every 12 hours

Safe and controllable

Store your coin in your own wallet

( imToken / Dapp Pocket /

Bitpie / TokenPocket )


Exchange other currencies at any time

Withdraw cash at will


Mining equation

Mine once every 12 hours, return up to 2% USDT of SUN Coin from the total amount of your own wallet.

Entry threshold   USDT 100
Mining limit USDT 100,000

Calculated based on the lowest threshold USDT 100

Find 16.8 SUN Coins every 12 hours

The mining network system will use USDT to repurchase your SUN Coin

Earn 0.4 USDT every 12 hours, and 0.8 USDT every 24 hours!

For every 10,000 USDT = 80 USDT earning per Day

1 Sun Coin = about 0.02375 USDT

1 USDT = 1 U.S. dollar


4 steps to mine

  • 1. Download the cold wallet (imToken / DAPP POCKET / Bitpie / TokenPocket ), and deposit USDT into your personal wallet.
  • 2. Access SUN PRO official website through the wallet browser with a designated link given by customer service.
  • 3. Make sure that the assets of your personal wallet have not be move within 12 hours, back to the website after 12hours to receive your first SUN harvest

    100~10,000            USDT acquisition ratio 0.4%

    10,001~20,000      USDT acquisition ratio 0.6%

    20,001~50,000     USDT acquisition ratio 0.8%

    50,001~100,000   USDT acquisition ratio 1.1%

    100,001~300,000 USDT acquisition ratio 1.4%

    300,001+                 USDT acquisition ratio 2%

  • 4. Repeat the above steps to get SUN Coin again or convert SUN Coin to USDT for cash out

    After receiving SUN Coin, your wallet must have a small amount of TRX as a miner's fee to exchange for USDT


Share rewards

Existing users can use the sharing link at the bottom of the website to refer friends to mine together to get more Sun Coins rewards

  Referring 1st generation effective user: You will get 30% reward

  Referring 2nd generation effective users: 15% rewards will be awarded

  Referring 3rd generation effective users: 10% rewards will be awarded


SUN Coin mined